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What are H1B Consultants?

Frequently Asked Questions

H1B Consultants are companies that serve as intermediaries who subcontract their employees to clients such as Paypal and Google. 

When a client has an open position, the consultant looks at his pool of candidates for a good fit. If you are a good fit, the consultant will hire you, sponsor your H1B, and subcontract you to the client. 

How exactly does it work? Why do consultants want to file my H1B?

Why should I use H1B Consultants?

YES, as long as each H1B application is for a different project (role and client). You cannot have two or more consultants sponsor you for a same project, role, and client.

Two main reasons:

#1: Consultants are very willing to sponsor your H1B because they make money from it. It is very challenging to get H1B sponsored directly by a company due to the risk of not winning the lottery. H1B consultants are aware of the lottery but are willing to take the risk.

#2: Increasing your chances of being selected in the H1B lottery. You can seek various consultants who are willing to hire you and sponsor your H1B. That way you will have multiple H1B applications and your chances of winning the lottery will increase dramatically.

Our database of H1B consultants have the highest rate of H1B approval and have a  clean record of H1B sponsorship. Therefore you will not have risks of visa denials or Request For Evidence (RFE).

Filing with the wrong H1B consultant can get you visa denials, RFE, and harm any future immigration in the US. That being said, it is extremely important to do things right from the start. Do NOT file your H1B with consultants that are not proven to succeed. They will scam you (make you pay for the visa, get you a visa denial, or an RFE), and will only get you into trouble.

Is filing multiple applications legal?

The consultant hires you because they make a good margin by subcontracting you to other companies. If the client company pays $100 per hour for your work, the H1B consultant will take 30% of that, and you get paid $70 per hours. Everybody wins. 

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